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October 2013

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Majestic Buildings of Gangnam District, Seoul City, South Korea

The third and final day at Seoul was just like a filler. After getting off the jimjilbang, we headed towards Gangnam to the Bongeunsa Temple which happens to be a Buddhist Temple. Again, Korean traditional architecture for ya’ll.

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That day, we were able to witness some worshippers do their rituals and ceremonies (see video below). It was solemn but there were a number of tourists roaming around the area as well. There were also photographs displayed on the garden which were for sale. Prices can be as high as 100,000 Won. Continue Reading

Adventures, Korea

Namsan Tower & its Love Locks and more at Seoul City, South Korea

We had no time to catch some more Z’s given our brief stay in the city. The group was packed up at 9 am and decided to snack out at Tous Les Jours near the guesthouse. I had no idea of what places we’re going to visit except that I am expecting to be at least on top of the Namsan Tower by the end of the day.

Getting off at Anguk Station, the first stop was the traditional Korean village called Bukchon. It was a big residential community were traditional Korean houses still stand. According to the locals, only high ranking government officials and the nobility were allowed to live there during the Joseon dynasty. Bukchon is located north of the Cheonggye Stream, hence the name Bukchon which means north village. Upon walking around the area for a few hours, I believe that the residents there are stil predominantly rich people since a number of luxury cars are sported in the house garages.
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The Happy List Vol. 3

  1. Group picnic at Dongrak Park, Indong, Gumi. It happened 2 months ago (August). It was fun to be fair. We ate gimbaps, drank beer, and rode the bicycle all day. (#1)
  2. Getting a part time job at the English Cafe. I now work as a Student Assistant at the KIT English Cafe for the whole month of October. It’s an easy job and I get paid on the side, so it’s win-win for me.
  3. Hiking in a mountain at Yonghol-li, Gimcheon. Last month, I together with an Indonesian friend decided to meet up a facebook person who had been looking for a companion to hunt for pine mushrooms at a private mountain at Gimcheon. It wasn’t the best of experiences but I’ll definitely remember it. Well, I wouldn’t forget the fact that right before we started trekking, I saw a snake. After a minute or so, a different snake passed by infront of me. Well, I’m still alive. (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5)
  4. Seoul Trip (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3). I had finally set foot in the largest metropolis in South Korea.
  5. Kimi Juan, Camie Juan, and Ryann Reyes followed me on Instagram. I mean, yes? Click their names and see their IG feeds!

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