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November 2013

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Top 10 Favorite Visits in Jeju Province, South Korea

We left mainland Korea at 22nd of November taking the Jeju Air airlines from Gimhae Airport at Busan. The trip cost us just 30 minutes after take off. We had troubles finding our guesthouse but thank god for giving us the two Chinese girls who were looking for the same guesthouse as ours. Jeju Island is a very big city that’s why I would recommend renting a car to maximize your trip. Since we’re just wanderlusts young foreign exchange students who make the most out of their scholarships (oops), we have to resort to the main transportation in the area which are buses and cabs. Our guesthouse is located at the city hall but there are no near tourist spots to go to and it was already getting dark. But anyway, we were able to squeeze in a visit to Love Land and Yongduam. Continue Reading


Postcard from Malaysia

I woke up to an email from my teacher in the International Office that a post card has arrived. I really assumed that it was Azura’s because she told me that she’s going to send me one. Behold, it was from Malaysia and I was right. Thanks Azura! 🙂 It makes me feel happy receiving a post card for the first time. Maybe because I know that it travelled the traditional way and not through the digital technology. And because of this, I wanna make you feel happy as well (I hope???) by sending you post cards. If you’re interested, just give me a mail at 😀 Likewise, I would also be thrilled to receive from you.

P.S. I just returned from my Jeju Island trip and it was beyond amazing. Just so you know, I didn’t forget all of you, just a little busy traveller slash student here. I shall return comments next week after the YongPyong Ski Adventure. 🙂

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Busan half-day hits at Gwangalli Beach, Jagalchi Market, and Nampodong (+ A short video)

Gwangalli Beach (in the picture) is pretty much the same as Haeundae Beach only that, on the other side of Gwangalli, you have the longest array of bars while a busy down town city center in Haeundae. The sea water seems to be a lot clearer in Haeundae too which made me realize that I  decided right on skinny dipping on the latter. We have to book our tickets to Gumi first beforehand to ensure seats on the 2 hour ride.

 photo IMG_2555_zps9b806085.jpg

Gwangan Bridge is more beautiful at night as neon lights traces it skeleton.

 photo IMG_2556_zpsdce2b336.jpg

The Gwangalli Beach shore seems to be a home for some domestic birds as well.

 photo IMG_2553_zpse2b475c0.jpg

Jagalchi Fish Market is one of the most famous fish markets in the world. All sorts of fresh and live seafood may be found here. It’s like the first drop off point of fresh catch from the nearby Nampo port.

I also enjoyed walking through the Jagalchi Market and be amazed by all sorts of live seafood there. Giant squids, octopuses, fish, giant clams, king crabs, eels, and others are all in motion in their respective basin aquariums.

Before going home, we dropped by at Nampodong which is a small area shopping center where I was able to buy some presents. I got my sister a photo calendar of a Kpop group, my mother a medium sized Busan emblem, and my friends some “I love Korea” shirts.

Anyway, here’s a video I made for this half-day trip. 🙂

Busan, South Korea
November 16, 2013

In the video: Snippets from Gwangalli Beach to Jagalchi Market to Nampodong.
Music: Octopus’ Garden by The Beatles