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December 2013

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Before I Leave: My Regular Go To Place in Gumi, South Korea

It really sounds cliche (and it is also cliche to start a paragraph like this, hence cliche-ception lol) when we say that time flies so fast. But it really does. Here I am, inching closer to my flight date going back home to the Philippines. Before doing so, I wanted to take a last glimpse of the near escapes that I have been going to here in Gumi, South Korea.

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The two nearest city centers to my university (Kumoh National Institute of Technology) would most probably be Okgye-dong and Kumi-yok. Continue Reading

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Why don’t you ‘steak’ with me?: Outback Steakhouse

 photo vscocam_1387015749238730IMG_3699_zps2195bd8e.jpg photo vscocam_1387015858217372IMG_3704_zps88b33cdd.jpg

Finally, I was able to devour on a good piece of meat (not taking anything away from the good old samgyeopsal and chadeolbagi) here in Korea! I have been eyeing to eat at Outback Steakhouse the past few days and today I was able to do it! Lol.

It never fails. The sirloin was cooked to a perfect medium temperature. I’m not even exagerrating but every bite of the meat feels like a melting butter in your mouth. You know it’s good quality meat because it’s not tough to chew in.

Likewise, with this 500 g steak comes with an unlimited wheat bread, soup of the day, juice of your choice, and tea or coffee (after meal) for a pretty good deal. I would totally love to go back here before going home.

Adventures, Korea

My first ski experience under $60 at YongPyong Ski Resort, Gangwon Province, South Korea

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Last November 29 & 30, the university agreed to treat the foreign students to a ski adventure at YongPyong Ski Resort to which a large percentage of the total expenses they shouldered. Each person paid 50,000 krw (~$50) with transportation, snacks, 3 meals, accomodation, ski suit and equipment rental, entrance fees, ski tutorial, and lift passes. I know, it’s really very very cheap because that amount would typically be enough for a 2 day pass and lift only. Continue Reading