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Summary of Vegan Recipes (+ Bonus Short Courses)

In the course of my 30-Day Vegan Challenge, I am able to create & recreate, copy & modify, and experiment on recipes that would fit the “diet” I’m in. I have said this a million times already but I really don’t consider veganism a diet but more of a lifestyle. Anyway, I have shared in this blog over 5 recipes that cater to the prerequisites of a vegan dish. I’m making our lives a bit easier now because I’m curating all of them in this post plus a couple of bonus short courses  that are also vegan friendly.

HUMMUSHummus is arguably the best gift of Levantine cuisine to humanity. It may also be the strongest proof that the tastiest things don’t require complex processes to achieve. With chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and garlic, this dish can be rustled up in a food processor and be ready in under 10 minutes.

Get the recipe here.

CORNSOUPCorn Soup (Gulay/Ginulay na mais) may be a tedious work with shredding the corn kernels from the cob itself but it definitely doesn’t fail in flavor. Suam Mais as called by the Kampapampangans, it’s often cooked with a variety of vegetables such as eggplants, okra, and squash blossoms. This dish also appeared on Erwan Heussaff’s instagram page.

Get the recipe here.

CURRYThis Vegetable Curry uses regular potatoes, sweet potatoes, and cauliflower which makes it an absolute carb loader. Make it protein packed by switching your vegetables to broccoli or brussels sprouts. Although best served with hot rice, this Indian dish would still taste as good on its own.

Get the recipe here.

PAPAYAThe secret to a flavorful Papaya Stir Fry is the freshness of the papaya fruit itself. The flavor profile of the papaya will speak for the dish but often complimented by spices like spanish paprika.

Get the recipe here.

CHOCOBANANAThis Chocolate Banana Cake is the culinary amalgamation of banana bread and caramel bars. It’s moist and dense which makes it a good pair with hot chocolate or tea in the morning. Also, it’s twice as tasty when chilled for a few hours.

Get the recipe here.

PANCAKEVegan Pancakes with Chocolate Glaze is one breakfast food I’d love to make again. Maybe the second time around, I’ll do away with chocolates and go with berry compote and vanilla crème fraîche instead.

Get the recipe here.

GRILLEDBURRITO This Grilled Vegetables Burrito is straight Mexican cuisine flavor profile. With the touch of cumin and chili powder, these summer vegetables remove your desire for meat-filled burritos. Bonus? Served with fresh salsa and guacamole.

Get the recipe here.


 Bonus: Short & Quick Vegan Courses

1 Brown rice macaroni pasta (from Healthy Options) tossed in homemade marinara and thick cut potatoes double fried in canola. Served with tomato ketchup.

Tweak option: Shake fries with vegan parmesan (roasted cashew nuts + nutritional yeast + salt) cheese before serving.

4Coarsely chopped cauliflower sautéed in olive oil, seasoned with salt & pepper, spanish paprika, and mustard powder, and served with rice corn (RiCo as branded by SM Supermarket). Rice corn is cooked like a normal rice.

3Whole wheat tortilla pizza in two kinds. First, olive oil based, topped with minced garlic, tomatoes, and basil. Second, marinara based, topped with grilled eggplants and caramelized onions.

22Linguine in garlic, fresh tomatoes, and capers in vinegar. Sprikled with chili pepper flakes and chopped basil. This is my personal favorite because it’s really quick and easy to toss in everything.


I can’t believe I underestimated the food options of veganism lifestyle. As this post shows, vegan dishes are not confined with vegetables alone. Yes, vegetables do comprise the majority of ingredient choices to cook a vegan food but let us not forget that there are all kinds of grains, hard pasta that comes in different shapes, and even mock meats (not tofu) that could make your plate as exciting as a non-vegan meal.


Prompts, The Sunday Currently

The Sunday Currently Vol. 16

Happy Easter everyone. I’m currently having a good time here at Pico de Loro with the family for some staycationing happening on the side. I’ve tweeted a few minutes ago that I’m missing this volume but since I’m alone at the lobby and the data is quite at its normal speed, might as well draft a post.


  • reading comments in moderation in my blog. I wasn’t aware that replying (and returning) comments would be such a task as well.
  • writing this blog post alone.
  • listening  to the crickets which I think lurk from the trees in the lagoon across our unit.
  • thinking of snorkeling tomorrow before going home.
  • smelling a pungent odor from the room’s mop. eeew.
  • wishing that we could stay longer here in Pico. But we can’t because the sister is going back to school on Tuesday.
  • hoping I could wake up early tomorrow to catch up with the sunrise.
  • wearing a shirt and super soft shorts that I bought from H&M.
  • loving it here in Pico. I would definitely go back again and again!
  • wanting to sleep earlier and refrain from waking up at 9 because it’s already late for me!
  • needing a hair treatment because my hair is frizzy as hell.
  • feeling a little bit energetic. Maybe because of the coffee.
  • clicking my snapchat! Hit me at @ chestervizconde! Boo yah!

How was Holy Week everyone? How was the weekend?

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In the Mail: Purchases & Blog Gifts

In the past month, I have received constant weekly knocks from the postman handing me a packaged good which I had expected in some way. I have joined several blog giveaways and purchased an item or two from the internet which explains the sudden coming of goodies that rarely happen to me.

(1) A Sidlan bag. (2) The Best Place to be Today book from Lonely Planet. (3) A Vegan Starter Kit from Peta. (4) A Forever 21 gift certificate.

sidlan I bought this multipurpose bag because I thought it would be perfect for the family’s beach getaway this weekend. I’m crossing my fingers too that I get to use this in Wanderland on April 25.

I really love that Sidlan is a sand repellant and quick dry mat that could be curled up and be transformed into a sling bag right away. You can reach Sidlan through their Facebook page.

lp Thanks to Maine for sending me over this Lonely Planet book which I won through her giveaway. The Best Place to be Today book lists down the perfect things to do every day for the whole year. Take for example today, April 04, 2015, this book suggests to Watch sea otters in USA because it’s the perfect weather for otter pup sightings in the California coastline. Also, I have written down my favorite items and I plan to share them in a separate post.

Likewise, if you want a more severe case of wanderlust, then this book shall be your drug too.

peta I ordered the Vegan Starter Kit over a month ago to help me through my 30-Day Vegan Challenge. It’s a short-length pamphlet which tackles the top and sensible reasons to go 100% vegan. There’s also a portion where it shows celebrities that went vegan, as well as restaurants in the Philippines that offer vegan options to help you through a possible change of lifestyle. You can order the starter kit through PETA’s website for free.

f21Lastly, this Forever 21 gift certificate was from Jae which I won through another giveaway. Lol. I have yet to use it but as soon as I get back to Manila, I’d do my first ever F21 purchase.

Happy Easter everyone! I hope we all have some good times by the beach, on top of the mountain, or wherever you plan to.