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Mt. Batulao: Experiences and Issues

Let’s set the facts straight this early that I am no member of any mountaineering club nor a semi-pro hiker and have the littlest knowledge about mountain climbing and stuff. But I have loved the adrenaline rush that this activity brings in to me that is why I planned this Mt. Batulao experience one hazy Sunday (January 11, 2015) morning.


We left our place around 5:30 AM and after 30-45 minutes, we already found ourselves at the jump-off point at Evercrest Golf Club and Resort, Nasugbu, Batangas. We hired a tour guide because we weren’t confident enough with the trail despite the reviews that says Batulao is an easy climb. Besides, I am with a 10 year old kid who most probably needs a “guide.”

Photo 1-11-15, 7 06 25 AM
Photo 1-11-15, 7 08 19 AM
Photo 1-11-15, 7 15 12 AM

We started to ascend by 6:30 AM and went through the old trail. We did a little stop over by the small stores before reaching the camp site. A 20 Php registration fee is required before continuing the hike. In the old trail, you have to traverse a harsher course, very much forest like. The hardest part for me was when we have to do rappelling for about 10 feet high. It wasn’t the most difficult to others but for me who’s shaking knees with heights, it was kinda trembling. Continue Reading

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The Sunday Currently Vol. 06

I can feel the time ticking furiously as I am writing and drafting this post because another week has gone like a smooth swift of the wind the past nights. It is Sunday once again and I am a bit oblivious where my week went. I know maybe this is just the counter effect of being idle at home, with no work to do besides preparing my usual breakfasts and getting some sweat in the afternoon from volleyball play. Don’t worry self, you’ll get through this, whatever it may be. A quarter life crisis? I don’t know. I call this a pretentious butt syndrome. Anyway, let’s get this started.

C U R R E N T L Y…

  • reading South of the Border, West of the Sun by Haruki Murakami, my favorite author. I am halfway through the book already and I am still impressed on how Murakami can lay out a story as simple and as sleek as possible. It actually creeps me out a little because I know that the story would not end as I originally expected it to be. I still have 3-4 Murakami books waiting to be read and I cannot wait to dig on them as well.
  • writing a grocery list because I’ll be hitting the supermarket tomorrow with mom after the bank errands that are quite urgent.
  • listening to Beatallica for the past three days. I found this mash up band when I unconsciously went to the weird part of youtube. Haha! Their songs are basically combination of The Beatles and Metallica with a related title like Hey Dude and All You Need is Blood. The genre is metal rather than rock and a bit comical too. Fun band!
  • thinking of the possible work I could end up to. But “Chester it’s not possible if you don’t show up on interviews.”
  • smelling a pungent odor coming from the small farm beside our house. Eeeew.
  • wishing to retain the megabucks in my bank account but that’s not possible because that 1M+ bucks belongs to mom and the company. But still, it’s my bank account, maybe I could splurge even a little. Kidding!
  • hoping to get rid of the rashed in my knees and in my arms to which I don’t have the slightest idea where they came from.
  • wearing the usuals, tank top and shorts.
  • loving the hummus that I made a few days ago. I consumed the bowl myself in 2 days that’s why I am thinking making another batch some time this week.
  • wanting to get a MasterCard debit card from BDO. That explains the bank errands tomorrow.
  • needing a haircut because to be honest my buns would pass as a bird’s nest in no time.
  • feeling a lot better right now. Re: Dental Diary. 🙂
  • clicking through facebook conversations with my sister.

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Basic Hummus Recipe (+ How to make a Tahini)

Photo 1-23-15, 12 22 06 PM

It’s been a while since I’ve eaten hummus and to be quite honest, it’s not an easy find in the restaurants. Well, at least near my place, there’s no single restaurant that I know which serves this Levantine dip. I have been wanting to make my own version but I always end up looking and wondering “Where’s my tahini?” I also googled up “hummus recipe without tahini” and even inboxed The Fat Kid Inside (yes, Erwan fucking Heussaff replied on facebook) where to get one. I even bought two cans of chickpeas before originally intended to be a hummus but ended up a bowl of roasted chickpeas (which was also good by the way) because… “Where’s my tahini?”.  Continue Reading