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Dental Diary: How changing a dentist saved my dying teeth

Life lately has been nothing but the same old story except for the unimportant news that I transferred to a new dentist. For everyone’s unsolicited information, I have been wearing my orthodontics aka braces for more than 6 years now. I trusted the whole condition to my previous dentist alone and I kept believing that someday, somehow my teeth will be on an A+ state again just like before. Backstory is I only have bite problems and none with teeth alignment nor with gum problems. But for 6 freaking long years, I did not see an improvement on my teeth. In fact, my previous ortho treatment may have caused the gum disease I have now. To cut the long story short, this new dentist of mine diagnosed me with gingivitis, plus treated 22 dental caries (bulok na ngipin). For the record, I didn’t know that I have a severe number of dental caries because first, I’m brushing my teeth regularly, and second, I see my dentist monthly. I mean as a skilled professional (to my previous dentist), you should’ve known that I’m developing a gum disease or at least updated me that my teeth is in fatal condition already.

The state of my teeth (or my mouth) now is a gazillion times better than it has been in the past years. Although I still feel like crying everytime I brush and gargle hydrogen peroxide, I have no choice but to continue what has been prescribed by my new dentist. Nonetheless, I am very very very grateful to Dr. Lex (my new dentist) for salvaging my almost dead set of teeth.


2014 highlights, 2015 expectations.

I am not quite fond of making year ender posts, in fact, I hadn’t published one in my whole blogging life as far as I remember. This year, let’s make it different. 2015 is the Year of the Sheep/Goat/Ram according to the Chinese zodiac, hence the photo above.

To be frankly honest, I can’t conclude if 2014 was one of the better years. A lot of things happened that may or may be life changing for me. Yes, I am that unsure because I can’t even say or decide whethere a life event is life changing to me or not. Let me list some of the things I remember that happened the past year.  Continue Reading


WordPress equates to Home

Hello! I’m kinda back, well sort of. I moved into a new space. Yay! Finally, I have my own domain again for the first time in 4 or 5 years, I think. It feels like home to be honest. I am so back in my niche. Though this blog is still under some minor issues, I’m really glad that I have it running now. Thanks to Mona for helping me because I felt like a noob all over again. Lol

Life updates? I’m still looking for work! The lazy ass in me is quite dictating my phase hence my current state. But yeah, hopefully by early next year, I’ll be able to find a decent job. Also, I’m quite estatic that the Holidays are coming because the family kind of planned a trip to the north by the end of this month. I only wish that it pushes through. Come hell or high water, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be setting foot in the north one of these days.