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Prompts, The Sunday Currently

The Sunday Currently Vol. 15

It’s Palm Sunday today and tomorrow’s officially the start of Holy Week. Have you booked your plans already?


  • reading reviews of beach resorts in Palawan and Batangas. We have yet to book somewhere for next week but we’ve been eyeing a resort just nearby.
  • writing this post and our crazy hell Jakarta adventure.
  • listening to the OTRA setlist mixtape in Spotify. I still can’t get over with the boys. :(
  • thinking if I ate something spoiled or whatever because I’ve been to the bathroom at least thrice in the past 20 minutes.
  • smelling coffee. Aaaaaah.
  • wishing for Zayn to come back to the group. That’s okay, right???
  • hoping to be able to return to my regular exercise programming tomorrow.
  • wearing tank top + shorts.
  • loving the view from Chapel on the Hill at Don Bosco Batulao. Photo above.
  • wanting to cliff dive and snorkel and just basically taste seawater.
  • needing to organize photos in my iPhone because my camera roll looks like a group selfie dump…. Well, it is.
  • feeling excited for Holy Week, hoping we get to spend it by the beach.
  • clicking online shops.

How about you? What are your plans for next week? Let me know!

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Prompts, The Sunday Currently

The Sunday Currently Vol. 14

I know it’s late! It’s officially Monday already but what the hell, I’m still publishing my 14th volume because I loved this day!


  • reading One Direction #OTRAMNL tweets and I can’t contain my excitement for the next show in Jakarta.
  • writing this blog post alone.
  • listening to the aircon’s mechanical sounds.
  • thinking if I missed some personal things for tomorrow’s flight.
  • smelling grilled liempo, still. Liempo is king.
  • wishing to bump into at least 1/4 of 1D boys.
  • hoping to be able to squeeze a quick workout tomorrow.
  • wearing nike tank top and jersey shorts.
  • loving the Caesar salad from Starbucks and Kale smoothie from Jamba Juice which I had for lunch earlier this day.
  • wanting to see fucking One Direction. I’m so alive right now!
  • needing to fix my things and squeeze in a little more pieces of clothing in my backpack.
  • feeling excited, duh? How many times have I mentioned this?!?!?!
  • clicking One Direction vines.

I’m flying to Jakarta tomorrow with my squad, Sherica and Mary, to look and hunt for 1D. Boys, get ready because we’re coming at yah!

Fixing this post when I get back home on Thursday (the least, assuming we won’t miss our flight). Laters ya’ll!

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Starbucks Lipa
Prompts, The Sunday Currently

The Sunday Currently Vol. 13


  • reading the mail from BDO on how reward cards work.
  • writing down the things to bring in Indonesia because #1DINDO happens in less than 10 days!
  • listening to local tv commercial.
  • thinking of the safest way to clean my Flyknit. I don’t want to ruin yet another shoes just because I attempted to clean it.
  • smelling some left over hot wings and pizza.
  • wishing for a pet dog, a climb to Mt. Pulag, a Wanderland ticket, and so much more!
  • hoping to land on a regular day job before this month ends.
  • wearing gray shirt and shorts and my neon shoes! Of course, I’m changing to my usuals right after publishing this.

 photo 10349227_10206060378738861_4573694672490355615_n_zpsqavxhhko.jpg

  • loving my new phone. It’s about time to upgrade and share more #iPhonePhotos. Lol.
  • wanting a gray jogger pands or whatever you call it just like my brother’s.
  • needing a few more shirts. I need new things for my wardrobe.
  • feeling a bit tired from today’s family day. But super fun though!
  • clicking on other blogs. Apparently, everyone’s on the roll for TSC and I’m loving it!

P.S. Join me on phhhoto! Moving pictures are twice the fun, to be honest.
Today in phhhotos! :)

 photo Photo 3-15-15 3 30 11 PM_zps8pssoznv.gif  photo Photo 3-15-15 1 24 37 PM_zps1mveldmi.gif

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