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Top 10 Favorite Visits in Jeju Province, South Korea

We left mainland Korea at 22nd of November taking the Jeju Air airlines from Gimhae Airport at Busan. The trip cost us just 30 minutes after take off. We had troubles finding our guesthouse but thank god for giving us the two Chinese girls who were looking for the same guesthouse as ours. Jeju Island is a very big city that’s why I would recommend renting a car to maximize your trip. Since we’re just wanderlusts young foreign exchange students who make the most out of their scholarships (oops), we have to resort to the main transportation in the area which are buses and cabs. Our guesthouse is located at the city hall but there are no near tourist spots to go to and it was already getting dark. But anyway, we were able to squeeze in a visit to Love Land and Yongduam. Continue Reading