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Taal Heritage Town: A Photo Diary

Right after the family’s Vigan trip, I met up with Jb here in my hometown (Calaca, Batangas) to spend a pre New Year regular hangout. We also met up some of my friends for a birthday drinking session later that night. He spent 3 days (4th day he has to leave) here and Calaca being the low profile town that it is, offered none but hidden and unnamed river streams, memorial parks (wtf, I know!), farm and fields, and all sorts of native (and identical to some other cities’) delicacies.

But hey, Taal is just a 15 minute drive from my house which lead me to the idea of bringing him there. Taal, like Vigan, is a heritage town but not well preserved and maintained like the former. Once you enter this quaint little town, Spanish architecture houses will greet you left and right. I and Jb just walked through the alleys and found this new camera museum called Galleria Taal. Continue Reading

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Top Visits in Daegu, South Korea (+ The noodles that I would trade with Ramen)

I have heard of Daegu so many times (maybe even more than I have heard of Seoul) already simply because it is the hometown of a big percentage of KIT students hence the word of mouth that “Daegu is this, Daegu is that.” According to the this-and-that theory, Daegu is the 3rd or 4th largest city in all South Korea. They also claim that Daegu has a livelier night life as compared to Gumi (duh, Gumi is like a ghost town at night) since the dowtown area is much bigger.

Normally, it takes just 30 minutes by train (not KTX) from Gumi Stn. to Daegu Stn. When I went there last Saturday, I paid 3,100 won for the non-seating ticket. I departed past 9 am and was at Daegu city center by 9:40, I guess. That time, 90% of the stores are still closed that’s why I decided to grab a map from the tourist information booth (which you can find after getting down from the train station) and walk towards the silent and empty streets of Daegu. I have zero idea of where to go. I saw signages that there were city bus tours at Dongdaegu (East Daegu) leaving at 11 am or so. Heck, it would be very costly for me to take the train since it’s just a station away but would be very tiring if I walk through it. To my delight, I saw another street sign which points to some park called Gyeongsang-gamyeong and to Daegu Modern Art History Museum. There were nothing really fabulous besides traditional Korean architecture (Can we count how many times have I mentioned traditional Korean Architecture in this blog? Damn.) except if you’re a history buff or something.

Gyeongsang-gamyeong Park (free entrance)

Continue Reading