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Jakarta Escapades (+ One Direction Concert)

The Jakarta trip was one of the unplanned and impulsively booked travels that we’d probably have more in the future. It was an afternoon in mid-February when I, Sherica, Mary, and Claire were talking about One Direction concerts nearing to show dates and how Mary will be finding herself into at least three OTRA shows (Singapore, Manila, Jakarta) of the boys. An hour later, I and Sherica found ourselves with plane tickets to Jakarta and One Direction concert tickets. One squad, one goal. One flies to Jakarta to see 1D, we join.

Anyways, the concert was in Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in Central Jakarta where we also found a hippie hostel to stay in for the next two days. There were few (almost to none) tourist friendly spots (at least, we didn’t find a place that was reachable by cab) in Central Jakarta except for flea markets and antique shops but it has definitely the… Jakarta traffic the world is talking about.

Day 1

Photo 3-29-15, 4 18 33 PM
We flew with Cebu Pacific Air.

Photo 3-24-15, 8 32 33 AM Photo 3-24-15, 9 41 23 AM
A sort of a freedom wall within the hostel’s lobby.

Photo 3-24-15, 1 38 39 AM
Jamming with Bob, a reggae artist residing in the hostel. We’re surprised he knew Filipino artists that we aren’t even familiar with.

Day 2

Photo 3-24-15, 6 08 15 PM Photo 3-24-15, 1 07 26 PM

Indonesian food is arguably the best (maybe next to Indian food) cuisine I’ve ever tasted. Nasi goreng (fried rice) is just a plateful of flavors! Beef rendang has got to be my favorite which is beef chunks slowly cooked in coconut milk with spices. We lunched out at Sari Ratu (local restaurant at Plaza Indonesia) where we literally freaked out and went “WE DID NOT ORDER THIS. WAIT! WAIT!” when we were served a whole bunch of Indonesian feast right away. Little did we know that it works that way and you get charged whatever you touched. Continue Reading

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Mixtape Vol. 02

Here’s another playlist which has the same theme/feels with the previous mixtape that I made, hence the name Flower Child 1.1.

 photo flowerchild2_zpshx9eujca.jpg

If you enjoyed the first mixtape, most probably you’ll move to the beats of the songs in here too. My personal favorites would be Beware the Dog by The Griswolds and Paris by Magic Man which I saw first at Camie’s recent playlist.

You can listen to this on spotify here or here.

P.S. The next playlist that I’ll be posting may or may not be a possible set list for One Direction OTRA.

Music, Playlist

Mixtape Vol. 01

I have been streaming music on spotify and I quite like a few songs so I thought of putting them into a playlist and share it here on my blog. I hope this becomes a regular prompt because my music choices are so diverse that it can go from indie rock to classical tones.

For Mixtape Wednesday, have a dose of Flower Child, a playlist for a happy hour at any time of the day, to perk your cells up when you feel a tad bit lazy.

flowerchild1A playlist to make the dead flowers in you bloom once again.

I’m still figuring things out on how to make this downloadable though. For now, you can listen to this playlist here or here.