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Jakarta Escapades (+ One Direction Concert)

The Jakarta trip was one of the unplanned and impulsively booked travels that we’d probably have more in the future. It was an afternoon in mid-February when I, Sherica, Mary, and Claire were talking about One Direction concerts nearing to show dates and how Mary will be finding herself into at least three OTRA shows (Singapore, Manila, Jakarta) of the boys. An hour later, I and Sherica found ourselves with plane tickets to Jakarta and One Direction concert tickets. One squad, one goal. One flies to Jakarta to see 1D, we join.

Anyways, the concert was in Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in Central Jakarta where we also found a hippie hostel to stay in for the next two days. There were few (almost to none) tourist friendly spots (at least, we didn’t find a place that was reachable by cab) in Central Jakarta except for flea markets and antique shops but it has definitely the… Jakarta traffic the world is talking about.

Day 1

Photo 3-29-15, 4 18 33 PM
We flew with Cebu Pacific Air.

Photo 3-24-15, 8 32 33 AM Photo 3-24-15, 9 41 23 AM
A sort of a freedom wall within the hostel’s lobby.

Photo 3-24-15, 1 38 39 AM
Jamming with Bob, a reggae artist residing in the hostel. We’re surprised he knew Filipino artists that we aren’t even familiar with.

Day 2

Photo 3-24-15, 6 08 15 PM Photo 3-24-15, 1 07 26 PM

Indonesian food is arguably the best (maybe next to Indian food) cuisine I’ve ever tasted. Nasi goreng (fried rice) is just a plateful of flavors! Beef rendang has got to be my favorite which is beef chunks slowly cooked in coconut milk with spices. We lunched out at Sari Ratu (local restaurant at Plaza Indonesia) where we literally freaked out and went “WE DID NOT ORDER THIS. WAIT! WAIT!” when we were served a whole bunch of Indonesian feast right away. Little did we know that it works that way and you get charged whatever you touched. Continue Reading

Music, Playlist

Mixtape Vol. 03: One Direction Setlist

I can’t believe that 2-3 weeks ago, I and Sherica impulsively booked a flight to Indonesia to join Ayiene and watch her sons aka One Direction perform in a concert. In less than a month, I’ll finally be seeing the boys. Who knows, Louis might give me the dirty finger I dreamt of. Lol.

I’ve been following 1D Update accounts on twitter and according to them, this is the latest setlist that the boys have which they performed at Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan. It only had minor changes ditching Happily and injecting Stockholm Syndrome (!!!!!!!! but where is NO fuckin’ CONTROL, right Ayiene?).


You can listen to this  here or here or follow the playlist itself for song updates. 🙂

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The Sunday Currently Vol. 08

Hello 1st Sunday of February. 🙂 It’s a bit frustrating to move right now because I got some minor injuries like pained ankles and wrists and scratches which I suspect came from playing volleyball everyday (sort of). BUT WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE BECAUSE ONE *FUCKING* DIRECTION IS BACK ON TOUR. *coughs* Ayiene!!!! Sherica!!!! *coughs*


After I finished a Murakami book, here I am again on another, Norwegian Wood. The other day somebody asked me what elements do I always find in his book. Well, I answered sex (because duh) hence the beauty of the human body, and the simple way of Japanese day to day living. I did forgot the cat though. Haha.


I’ve been wanting to draft my posts about the food and recipes I created the past week and today is the day that I finally have the urge to start. I’m also trying to create playlists to share but I’m afraid that it would be 1D songs all over. Lol.


All day, One Direction has been on the loop on Spotify. Right now, Strong is blasting.


I hope this doesn’t pass as gluttony but I am currently thinking of what I’ll be having for breakfast tomorrow.


I’m currently smelling cetaphil from my hands, if cetaphil has a scent. That is.


I wish I can dream of Louis and Harry every night. #LarryIsReal


A day ago I went to Lipa to do some errands and because I was there already, I tried to score for driving schools. I hope I could enroll myself to a driving school sometime this week.


I’ve been wearing the usuals. What is new.


My little stray cat has been my stress ball lately that is why I love this dude so much. I wish I have more cats though.


I really want to see One Direction someday. *side eyes Ayiene and Sherica*


I feel like I need a good foot spa some time this week. Hopefully tomorrow or on Tuesday I get to relax my very very (very) tired feet.


I am contemplating right now if I really want to grow my hair so I could tie it up into a man bun or get a haircut because my porous hair is starting to irritate me right now. I am so confused. Help.


I am clicking through my twitter feed, looking through updates on the boys’ second show in Sydney happening right now. AHHHHHH.

And that was Sunday Currently Volume 8 aka One Direction edition. Not complaining at all. Lol. I hope you all have a Happy Sunday. <3

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