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Vegan Pancakes with Chocolate Glaze

I love and like pancakes. Well, who doesn’t? They may or may not be my most favorite thing/food right now. I just woke up one sunless morning looking for pancakes (less bacon, lol) in my kitchen. What I basically know about pancakes is that there are store bought ready-made mixes where you just add water and egg to create the batter that you would carelessly pour on your griddle. Yes there’s egg, so that automatically cuts short of the vegan rule.

I tried making pancakes before and they ended up like soggy pieces of crepe. I remember that they resemble much of the “hotcakes” sold in the neighborhood where they smother a piece with margarine and a lot of sugar. Don’t get me wrong but those hotcakes are equally devouring as well. But hey, my tummy is screaming fluffy pancakes, not those. I thought I’d figure out what makes “just add water and egg” mixes fluffy. The culprit? Baking powder. I was right. Continue Reading