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January Recap

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I have gotten a lot of blog ideas listed in my cutesy little notepad but the some circumstances do not allow them to materialise. Major culprit? My laptop. I have to recover first my blog files in my external hard drive because apparently it isn’t MAC compatible. Well, that’s my problem and I’m going to get it done in the next two weeks.


I actually don’t believe in signs or apparitions but the early weeks of January hit me real hard that made me think “Oh man… 2016’s gonna be an unfortunate year for me.” Let me share the unimportant news that I spent New Year’s Eve in my room while watching Scandal and blowing my stuffy nose as if my it’s part of the firework mess happening at that moment. To make things more interesting, I was all alone in the house. Apparently, the family went to the grandparent’s abode and I have zero energy to come.

I was sick and nearly dead for two weeks. The mucus coming out from my nose and mouth (because I was coughing really hard too) was really unusual in colour, sometimes with blood. I was so close to checking with the doctor but my condition got better along the way.

A week immediately after going back to 100%, I decided not to be a “lolo” and join some friends for a night out. I got drunk, drove the motorcycle home, and went home with blood in my arms, knees, and chin. As of the moment, my wounds have finally healed but these big scars will forever be chiseled in my skin.


I always find time to go out with the family every time I have my rest days and there’s no better way to catch up over good food. This month’s yummy finds were Santouka’s ramen and katsu set and fresh pasta dishes from a pasta place in Solenad 3. Lol, I’ll have to work on my memory but that place is pretty on point.

On the other food news, I have an intense craving for cereals. The past week, I have been eating it with soy milk or almond milk for breakfast.


I had my first consumption using my own salary. I finally bought a Macbook after doing research online and asking friends for recommendations. I was contemplating on getting one since my work do not require an extra personal computer because the company has provided us our own station PCs. But most of the time, I have to do some personal work (including blog work) and some other things that I can’t do in my phone feel better if  I use a laptop like…

  • Netflix
  • Torrent
  • iTunes and Spotify
  • Reading fics

Did you get my logic? Me too, I don’t get it.

Lately, I have been watching on Netflix, mostly food documentaries. As much as I want to spazz over NetflixPH, I guess they still have to up their catalogue. For now, I gotta Torrent and Chill. lol


I bought my dog some fancy collar. *u*

Adieu January. To February. 🙂

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Bagoong Pasta with Black Olives

I must say that the Bagoong Pasta from TOSH (The Old Spaghetti House) is one of the best pastas that I’ve ever tasted in my life since it brings out the Asian flavor that I devour for. So, I planned to recreate although I am assuming that I really cannot duplicate the dish 100%. Nonetheless, this was able to satisfy my palette.

I love olives, whether green or black. I also found out that green olives are more pricey than the black ones. I also wrote the recipe on my planner. If you want to redo it, then go. But remember that you can always alter or modify the dish to your own liking.

By the way, I got the original recipe from Mark Magallanes. You can ask him the original recipe! 🙂 So, tell me what you think of this dish? Will you recreate this? Or have you tasted something like this before? Can you recommend other restaurants that serve Bagoong Pasta?

Food, Recipe

Spicy Aglio Olio (+ Can you help me name these cheeses?)

Dad arrived last night* and he bought what he promised me. I am a happy kid right now with four types of cheeses in my hands! I can actually determine the Mozarella, but the three other I do not know.

 photo dsc_0105_zps691d3c43.jpg
 photo 3b434-dsc_0107_zps3b68ec70.jpg
 photo 4e319-dsc_0108_zpse7154432.jpg
 photo e1ad3-dsc_0106_zps76eea5ea.jpg

So, can you help me name those? Yes please?

Aglio Olio is one of the traditional pastas in Italy which means “garlic and oil.” To put a little twist, I put in a tinge of spiciness.

What you will be needing are:

  • lots of garlic, finely chopped
  • a medium sized labuyo
  • olive oil
  • angel hair pasta
  • salt and pepper
  • cheese

The steps are really easy. You start with…

  1. Boil your pasta according to pack instructions.
  2. While waiting, heat your sauce pan then pour in olive oil.
  3. Add in the garlic. It is important not to burn the garlic. To do this, remove the pan from the heat from time to time.
  4. Add in the labuyo. After a minute, remove the chili. We just want to infuse its flavor into our sauce.
  5. Toss the pasta while cooking.
  6. To serve, finish with pepper and cheese.

I actually used the “tastes like queso de bola cheese.”

Bon Appetit!

Spicy Aglio Olio plus the Cheese

Tell me what you think!
*He came home from Brindisi, Italy.