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Corn Soup (Gulay na Mais / Ginulay na Mais)

As a part of changing my “diet” drastically which is basically staying away from all kinds of animal meat, I had to figure out food recipes that would suffice that “diet” and at the same time would still satiate me like what my normal source of protein do.

In the next days, I’ll be posting short (like really short) and easy recipes that I tailored to suit up the said diet. Also, eventhough majority of  those who are reading this right now most probably don’t do this “food selection,” I thought of sharing these recipes anyways on the blog because first, I surely can consider this healthy and healthy is the main train that everybody rides recently, and secondly it is god damn tasty (at least for me, lol).

Likewise, the recipes I’ll be sharing are quite straightforward which makes cooking a little bit undemanding even for the fearfuls. Continue Reading