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Hello! I’m kinda back, well sort of. I moved into a new space. Yay! Finally, I have my own domain again for the first time in 4 or 5 years, I think. It feels like home to be honest. I am so back in my niche. Though this blog is still under some minor issues, I’m really glad that I have it running now. Thanks to Mona for helping me because I felt like a noob all over again. Lol

Life updates? I’m still looking for work! The lazy ass in me is quite dictating my phase hence my current state. But yeah, hopefully by early next year, I’ll be able to find a decent job. Also, I’m quite estatic that the Holidays are coming because the family kind of planned a trip to the north by the end of this month. I only wish that it pushes through. Come hell or high water, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be setting foot in the north one of these days.

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The Happy List Vol. 4

Hey guys! It’s been almost a year since I… I know. I was still in Korea actually. Lol. I was caught up with a lot of things (mostly from school) that’s why I kind of neglected this blog again. What’s a more positive way to come back other than having this happy list. 🙂 This one is totally random!

  1. Passing my correlation courses which means…
  2. Graduating (August 2014) with a bonus academic achievement award.
  3. Feeling the love from my sister. (I may or may not blog about this.)
  4. Living a totally slack off life with co-reviewees turn best buddies in the best apartment ever.
  5. Cigarettes and tea.
  6. Watching movies in a movie theater.
  7. The idea of getting a tattoo.
  8. The idea of a person getting a tattoo for you.
  9. The ambience of a coffee shop.
  10. Gloomy weather and comfort food.
  11. Pizza and japanese food.
  12. Drinking sessions.
  13. Passing the ECE board exams despite the life style we had. (See item #4)
  14. Home cooked meals.
  15. Baking chocolate chip cookies.
  16. My panda stuffed toy and sleeping mask.
  17. Complete sleep.
  18. Going back to the province.
  19. Then going back to Manila again.
  20. Breakfast with the family at Tagaytay.
  21. New friends, old friends, good times.
  22. Being with the right person at the right time.

This list is an original idea by Camie from Wild-Spirit.

Korea, Prompts, The Happy List

The Happy List Vol. 3

  1. Group picnic at Dongrak Park, Indong, Gumi. It happened 2 months ago (August). It was fun to be fair. We ate gimbaps, drank beer, and rode the bicycle all day. (#1)
  2. Getting a part time job at the English Cafe. I now work as a Student Assistant at the KIT English Cafe for the whole month of October. It’s an easy job and I get paid on the side, so it’s win-win for me.
  3. Hiking in a mountain at Yonghol-li, Gimcheon. Last month, I together with an Indonesian friend decided to meet up a facebook person who had been looking for a companion to hunt for pine mushrooms at a private mountain at Gimcheon. It wasn’t the best of experiences but I’ll definitely remember it. Well, I wouldn’t forget the fact that right before we started trekking, I saw a snake. After a minute or so, a different snake passed by infront of me. Well, I’m still alive. (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5)
  4. Seoul Trip (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3). I had finally set foot in the largest metropolis in South Korea.
  5. Kimi Juan, Camie Juan, and Ryann Reyes followed me on Instagram. I mean, yes? Click their names and see their IG feeds!

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