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Top Tips for College Graduates about to enter the Workforce

A week ago I got an unexpected email regarding a project put together by TheLadders. What are some tips for fresh college graduates about to start their career path? As much as I wanted to take it immediately, I honestly thought twice before agreeing to his request. Although this is very timely as I graduated college not too long ago and also looking for a job, I am not confident to share a couple of advice because I myself doesn’t have a clear path yet when it comes to “career.”

But then I realized that it isn’t bad at all to give my two cents about this topic since I will be speaking based on my experiences and while my experiences may not be 100% the same with anyone, it would surely be relatable at some other way.

Take your time. Don’t rush.

To the kids who aren’t sure of what it’s going to be in the future, no one told anybody that you should work immediately right after graduation. It is kind of a necessity (at least for me) to rest and relax and enjoy the life you’re deprived of. Free from books and reviewers, long exams and graded recitations, thesis defense and designs. Organize the clutter and set clear goals after.

Having said that, you have the leisure of thinking things but remember…

Don’t stagnate/languish.

Figuring out things for almost a year? 2 years? It doesn’t sound so healthy! It might take a while but not that long, I gues. Likewise, remember that you’re taking your time to settle things down and not lose the drive to look for the suitable career path for you.

Free yourself from peer pressure.

Friend 1 lands on job at company A. Friend 2 lands on a really cool job at company B. Another friend now works with friend 1 at company A. It doesn’t mean you have to join the flow. What suits your bestfriend doesn’t mean will greatly favor you too.

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