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The Happy List Vol. 1

  1. Mingling with other exchange students from different countries. I never thought that I will be able to meet people from Germany, Lithuania, Indonesia, Malaysia, and of course, Korea all at once.
  2. Korean buddy who’s always on the go. Well, a big thanks to Jinmi for being patient with me. I think without this girl, I could never be this comfortable already with the place.
  3. Exploring Gumi downtown alone. Earlier today, I went made my downtown alone to check my debit card. Unfortunately, there were still errors on the bank system in the Philippines. Nevertheless, I was able to enjoy the city center with occasional cheap food side trips.
  4. Thanksgiving (Cheunsok) Party for Foreign Students at Cheon un dae. The Koreans prepared a little treat for the foreigners in line with their Thanksgiving. We played traditional games and ate traditional food. The stars of the night were the food. I rest my case on chapchae, pajeon, tongran, and rice cakes. Delicious!
  5. Finally meeting a Filipino student here at KIT. I met a fellow at the Thanksgiving Party who speaks the same language as I am. We chit chat for several minutes. He’s one thoughtful guy.
  6. Cheap haircut by a legit Korean stylist. I was afraid of getting a hair style that would not suit my face shape. But hey, I am satisfied. Thanks to my Korean buddy for sending me a text that I had to show to the stylist to get the cut that I want.
  7. Pizza, beer, and soju. Yesternight, we celebrated Andre’s and Azim’s birthday. It was practically food and alcohol and games. It was fun. I did not drink that much though.
  8. Fall Season and its chilly weather. The color of the tree leaves are already changing and starting to fall. It’s approaching winter already and the temperature’s dropping every night. I’m liking it. It’s time to buy winter clothes!!!
  9. Set meal at the dormitory’s cafeteria. The cafeteria regularly serves lunch and dinner. A meal is usually a complete nutritous set with rice, 2 side dishes (vegetables) plus kimchi, a main viand, and a fruit. My favorite so far was the one with chapchae and burger patties.

You guys can join us @ Wild Spirit! Thanks Camie for this wonderful idea.

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  • Reply rubyfoot October 29, 2013 at 8:57 pm

    I like your happy lists!

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