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The Happy List Vol. 2

I am pretty amazed with myself that I am in my second week of keeping this blog up. I hope I could maintain this for a long time.

Anyway, for the second time, let me list down the things that made me happy recently.

  1. How I Met Your Mother. I started to have a marathon of #HIMYM two weeks ago and I am proud to say that I was just in time to catch up with the latest season (Season 9, Ep. 1 & 2). I sort of understand now why people get hooked up to this series. For me, it was very relatable. You get to see yourself in one character or another and get to visualize your friends on other characters as well. It also makes the audience, if not relate, get attached to the characters. Now, I want to indulge into Breaking Bad (through a recommendation from an American friend I met at the LG Dream Festival) and The Walking Dead, of course, which will kick its new season next month.
  2. Alien Card and University ID Card. I finally got my alien card earlier this week and was able to apply for my university card the day after. With my alien card, I don’t have to bring my passport anywhere I go. It makes life a little convenient now.
  3. New Season of The Voice US. Season 4 of the voice kicks off with Xtina and CeeLo back. Yay for the original band! I have to admit that I really like the chemistry going on with the 4 coaches. Adam and Blake hitting on each other. Xtina making gifable reactions. And Blake. Well, the Blake Shelton show, you know. For the first two episodes, Xtina has gotten pretty good catches especially the guy who sang Cough Syrup.
  4. Drinking Session. There is more than a cup of beer mixed with a shot of Soju. I really thought that it would be so awkward for me to join the drinking session slash meeting of the Team Leaders of our Exchange Student Groups. I was invited by a friend to come over and who was I to say no to beer. Lol. I kind of enjoyed the night with the Koreans and a number of exchange student friends (Germany and Indonesia).
  5. LG Dream Festival. →

Join us at Wild-Spirit run by the beautiful Camie Juan!

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