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The Sunday Currently Vol. 1

It has already been 1 week and I must say that I am enjoying Korea. To all truths, I must say that the “study” part of my stay here has been the secondary source of excitement and fun the past days. Classes just go like the typical ones, only that I have Korean professors. This week, I was able to go downtown and walk through the busy streets of Gumi. Also, my Korean friends treat me to a Samgyeopsal (삼겹살) dinner at Okgye, a city center.

C U R R E N T L Y …

  • reading some other people’s blogs. It’s been years since I had a thorough and serious bloghopping if we may call that. Is this a sign that I am finally getting back to my blogging stance? Yes? I hope so.
  • writing “what-to-buy” list in iPhone’s notes app. A week has passed and I think I’m still lacking essentials like hangers, softeners, an extra body towel, and the like.
  • listening tomy roomate’s pleasant singing voice. He’s chanting singing a Bruno Mars’ song.
  • thinking of the possible plans for this week’s Thanksgiving. I don’t have an idea exactly of how is such celebrated here. All I know is that we will be having a 5 day vacation from Wednesday until Sunday.
  • smelling the sweet aroma of my hot milk from the vendo machine. It’s just a shot for 200 KW. Still a good deal.
  • wishing to have a Seoul trip over the weekend. Chances are low but yes, still wishing for that to happen.
  • hoping to be able to withdraw cash the day after tomorrow. Maybe, I can go downtown and try the global atm that we found the other day. I need cash. Money is running out.
  • wearing a thin shirt from Artwork and comfy shorts from Aeropostale. I’m getting ready to sleep after this.
  • loving my final schedule for this semester. Two academic subjects for credit, one for the sake of the professor’s satisfaction, and Korean language of course. Currently, I am having a love and hate relationship with Korean language though.
  • wanting to have my bed fixed. It’s been creating annoying noises everytime I move. Pain in the ass.
  • needing my facial regimens. One week without facial wash and facial toner is a struggle. Huhu. Paano na ako magiging kutis Koreano nito? loljk
  • feeling full because of the dinner I had. It’s best menu from the cafeteria to date. Parmesan potato wedges, mushroom soup, burger patty, cherry tomatoes, and green salad. Yum.
  • clicking on facebook newsfeed. I have been scanning my friend’s pictures from their Singapore-Malaysia trip. It seems fun.
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