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The Sunday Currently Vol. 18

I woke up to a gloomy Sunday morning with the thought that it wasn’t past 8 yet because I have fully committed to myself the night before that I am going to attend the 9 AM mass in the nearby church.

Tick tock. 09:15, I’m obviously late and I’m not going to make it.

I helped myself by grabbing a bowl of cereals and waiting for them to get soggy in soymilk. I slurped into my food while watching The Little Death recommended by Maine.

An hour and half later, I get dressed and stopped by the bank to get some cash, went to church to say some prayers, ate Jollibee for lunch, and finally settled at a small coffee shop (featured image) by the road. As of this writing, I have less than three hours before my shift at work starts.


I was originally planning to get the work done on my books that were left unread in the past 2 years but some fanfics roadblocked me along the way. So currently, I’m reading a fic called Nobody Shines The Way You Do. This is my third and I’m on a roll. cc: @Mary

This coffee shop is so hushed all I can listen to is the water dripping from their leaked faucet.

Don’t even get me started because I’ve been thinking of some silly boyband member since last night.

I’m smelling the aroma of my peach tea and how I wish I have someone, even a stranger, to share this cuppa.

I’m high key hoping for something personal that, in all time, it is nothing serious. I am actually praying that it gets away.

Truth be told, I’m loving the sort of flexible work schedule that I have. I have to find time plotting weekend (or rest day) getaways though. I’d really want to spend some “me” time somewhere private and unpeopled.

I’m clicking on this Buzzfeed article and I want you to click on this too (and read it of course).

Join this link up by siddathornton.

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