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The Sunday Currently Vol. 2

C U R R E N T L Y …

  • reading my facebook feed and twitter timeline.
  • writing a reply to a friend’s message at wechat.
  • listening to the mechanical sound produced by the wall fan.
  • thinking of whether attending or ditching the class tomorrow which happens to be not for credit.
  • smelling the sweet aroma of conifers from pine trees just overlooking my open window.
  • wishing to have a Seoul trip, still.
  • hoping for a productive week because the 5 day vacation made me turn into a sloth, really.
  • wearing a maroon shirt and plaid boxer shorts.
  • loving the weather today. It did not rain but the temperature dropped. It was consistent from the moment I woke up until now.
  • wanting to buy a powerbank for my iPhone just because the iOS7 upgrade is eating my battery life to pieces.
  • needing sweep around our room. I feel a little bit uneasy with a messy room, so.
  • feeling happy because of the ice cream I ate. I think I found my comfort food already.
  • clicking my How I Met Your Mother folder because I’m starting Season 6 already. Also, my VSCO grid.

The 5 day vacation is almost over. The Koreans are starting to get back here at the dormitory. Really, what happened to my free days? It would’ve been more wonderful if we push through the Seoul trip. Nevertheless, I enjoyed exploring more of the city centers and downtown here at Gumi.

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