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The Sunday Currently Vol. 3

Hello favorite day! I woke up to a “21 deg. Celsius with rain showers” Gumi City. It felt good and it was like the heavens are helping the inner me who does not want to drag out of bed. I got up and made my bed anyway for lunch which happens to start at 11 am.

Let’s do this.

C U R R E N T L Y…

  • reading dramas, whinings, and random bubbles in my facebook and twitter feed.
  • writing blog posts. If you noticed, I published three different blog posts within 24 hours. I think that is the excited and talkative Chester right there. It feels good to write every now and then, I noticed. I just have to be consistent and I’m all good.
  • listening to ABC Beatles station on iTunes radio. Coincidentally, I am wearing my The Beatles shirt right now. I think this is “Perfect Sunday” in the making. I love it!
  • thinking of hiking to Keumho San. I heard beautiful things from my Korean friends. It would be great to go there at Autumn Season when leaves totally change colors and fall off from branches and twigs.
  • smelling the aroma of conifers from the pine trees directly in front of my view. I am facing my open window, writing this blog post, watching the rain, listening to The Beatles. How perfect could this day get?
  • wishing to attend more music fests. After what I felt yesterday, I knew I belong to music festivals. Sooner, I will be able to hit those events alone or with friends, as the case may be.
  • hoping to visit the nearest McDonald’s here in Gumi. According to Marie (American friend we met at the LG Dream Music Festival), there is one near her flat which is still 20 minutes from the Gumi train station. It means an approximately 45 minute bus ride from KIT though.
  • wearing plaid boxer shorts + The Beatles shirt + slippers. I am about to put on a jacket because it is freaking cold. Brrrrr.
  • loving this day so far. Totes!
  • wanting to open a Korean bank account. Yes folks, I’m on my third week of whining about how getting my funds from the Philippines. Damn it.
  • needing to go to the restroom right after publishing this post. I have to take a dump. Lol, that was meant to be in my blog!
  • feeling full still. I had lunch 2-3 hours ago. The menu was 4 pieces of seaweed thing and a piece of German sausage and a big bowl of bland risotto. Sorry, I have to say it needed so much salt and pepper. I finished my plate though, no choice.
  • clicking alternately through facebook, twitter, iTunes, and tumblr. And oh, v-league.ph as well because I am anticipating a good game today.

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  • Reply rubyfoot October 29, 2013 at 9:00 pm

    seaweed, German sausage and risotto? :-p

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