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The Sunday Currently Vol. 4

In contrary to my previous TSC post, this Sunday has got to be one of the most boring Sundays I had. If I had to pick up highlights of my day, those would be my dinner (because I developed a new love with cherry tomatoes) and me deleting 85% of my photos in instagram. Yes, I decided to get rid of my old photos aka the photos from my iPod touch and also the non-square images. With instagram’s update conforming to the new iOS, the feed would look so much better with square photos. So, I just have to.

C U R R E N T L Y…

  • reading my twitter feed (as always).
  • writing this lovely blogpost. But, I should’ve been writing my entry to my English Speech contest. That’s also a 150kw for grand prize. I am ditching the contest because I am pre-occupied by other more important things aka Korean language and Correlation courses.
  • listening to GMA 7’s livestreaming. Oh god, I miss Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. The best magazine show in local tv.
  • thinking of the situation of my family back in the Philippines. Just a few days ago, our house got robbed. According to my sister, the tablets and some amount of money were taken. But yes, good thing is nobody got hurt.
  • smelling the Nivea body lotion I just put on a few hours ago.
  • wishing for Christmas to come fast. I am always ecstatic with such event. There usually comes a time when I already feel that the “Christmas spirit” is already there.
  • hoping to find the nearest English Catholic church. We found a relatively near one, just a 25 minute walk, but the mass is conducted in Korean. So.
  • wearing a loose maroon shirt and plaid boxer shorts.
  • loving the fact that I got a paid part time job as a student assistant at the English Cafe. The job is quite easy because I just have to open the room at 9 am, maintain the cleanliness, wash coffee mugs, and sit infront of the computer. Definitely yay.
  • wanting to go to Seoul really badly. I just hope nobody ditches the plan. And, I am praying to the most high gods for complimentary classes not to happen over the weekend because that is Seoul trip.
  • needing to talk to mom, hence, a new simcard. I am planning to get a Korean simcard because my roaming has been dysfucntional for almost 2 weeks now. I really need to contact mom easily because, money. There.
  • feeling a pain in my shoulder since I have been in a lazy position (on my belly) facing my laptop all day.
  • clicking the livestream links for the local tv channels in the Philippines. I’m a television kind of person and I shall admit that I kind of miss the Philippine TV.
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